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Text formatting issues in a text block


Most of the time this type of thing occurs due to Cutting and Pasting text from Word or another formatted -text editor.

See the Candidate Guide, bottom of Page 12 in the red text box and the Bottom of Page 25 regarding the "extra formatting" this causes. The Candidate Guide can be downloaded from the News Section of your ePortfolio Dashboard.

Sometimes you can go into the HTML view, Page 25, and delete everything, Save the Text Block as empty and then log out and back into your ePortfolio, press F5 on your keyboard for a refresh and things will work again.

Please always use a Plain text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit as outlined in the Candidate Guide or simply type and format your text directly into the text block without cutting and pasting from Word or other "pre-formatted" text (websites, document blurbs, etc.)

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