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General ePortfolio Error Troubleshooting steps

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If you have not already watched the M.Ed. ePortfolio Orientation Video, view it now at: http://www.screencast.com/t/1JjV6QaM
Alternatively, on your Dashboard tab (in your ePortfolio) is a section called News. You may need to expand it if you do not see a list of articles. Video timestamp {1:26} in the video link above walks you through finding this Guide.
Find the News item for the MED Candidate Guidebook and use the View button on the right to access the document download link. Click on the link and open or save/download the .pdf (If saving, make sure you note where it is being saved on your computer so you can find it to open it.)
IMPORTANT NOTE: This may be different than what you have previously received.
If you are receiving errors when you follow the steps in the Video or Guide try:
1.       Restart your computer
a.      Do a complete shut-down vs. a “restart”
2.      Try the operation again.
a.      If it works, please reply to this message and let me know.
b.      If it still gives you an error, continue on to the next step.
3.      Ensure you have the latest version of your Internet Browser installed
a.      Browser Plug-ins can cause troubles (i.e. Skype, Search Bars, etc.)
                                                              i.      NOTE: There are known issues with Google Chrome
b.      You might even try installing a different free version of browser
                                                              i.      Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.
                                                           ii.      If you install a new browser, reboot again (a restart works too)
4.      Try the operation again. If it still gives you an error, please send the error message and the steps you took just before receiving the message to support@indwes.edu .

Ticket information Sample: “I opened and logged into Blackboard and clicked on the ePortfolio tab. I then clicked on the My Portfolios tab and chose ‘Edit’ from the Action menu. I then received the error message, ‘XYZ, etc.’”

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