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Sharing an ePortfolio using a Secure URL.

Sometimes a Peer Coach’s school firewall blocks the e-mail notifications sent by our assessment system.

To resolve this, it may take some troubleshooting action from both you and your Peer Coach. Below are those steps:

For you:

On your Dashboard tab (in your ePortfolio) is a section called News. You may need to expand it if you do not see a list of articles.
From there, download the MED Candidate Guidebook

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is different than what you may have received with your coursework) and the Peer Coach Help Guide (also called the MED Guest Assessor Guide.

These are quick reference guides to everything ePortfolio and includes detailed screen shots of what you should see as a Candidate and they should see as a Peer Coach.

First is the MED Candidate Guide.  This will walk you through the steps to either share or submit your ePortfolio to ensure there is nothing you are missing. Please use the quick reference index to jump right to the information you need as you may not need everything covered in the Guide. (i.e. Page 15 covers ePortfolio sharing and Page 19 covers Submitting completed ePortfolio sections).

If you need to share your ePortfolio, use the Secure URL option and send it to yourself. There is a video of how to do this here:
NOTE: By sharing your ePortfolio, your Peer Coach can do nothing but see it and comment. If they are to assess it, it must be “Submitted”. Only the highest score from assessments is kept, so if you submit it and they assess it lower than you were hoping for, you can make their suggested corrections and resubmit it for a better score.

To submit for an assessment in your Exhibit section, make sure you read who's name is supposed to go in each blank (You will actually add your I/A's name to your self-assessment even though they will not be assessing it).  This is just to notify them that you have submitted your self-assessment.
Next, add your Peer Coach as a Guest Assessor (MEd Candidate Guide Page 20, Fig. 5.6).
If you receive a message that your Peer Coach already exists, but it will not let you click on their name and add them, you will need to delete them from your Contacts folder (Page 26 top of page) and send an e-mail to support to have them added administratively. Please include your Peer Coach's first and last name as well as their e-mail address in the ticket.
NOTE: If you do not delete them from your contacts we cannot add them administratively.
If you are able to find your Peer Coach and add them for the submission and you are able to submit with no errors, give it about 30 minutes and then verify your Peer Coach received the automated e-mail which should come from the software for you.  If they did not, please continue with the next steps.

For your Peer Coach:

The second document you can download from the News section of your ePortfolio is for your Peer Coach (MED Guest Assessor Guide). There are several things that can get in the way of a successful submission and/or share.  This guide will walk them through some quick troubleshooting steps to ensure they can receive your submissions.

Please report any error messages to Support with as much detail of the error and where it occurred as possible.

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