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Timing of User Access to LearningStudio


Explains when users gain access to their LearningStudio courses.


Faculty and Students must access LearningStudio via the My Classes web part in the MyIWU Portal.

Portal Access

Any user whose Colleague records meet the criteria for a constituency (found here) should be set up with their primary constituency. The user can then access the Portal.  The timing for this setup is as follows:

Constituency Group Criteria Met By Results in Portal Access By
Residential Students 7:10 pm 9:45 pm
Residential Faculty 7:10 pm 9:45 pm
Non-Residential Students

1st Run: Noon

2nd Run: 4:30 pm

1st Run: 1:30 pm

2nd Run: 6:00 pm

Non-Residential Faculty 7:10 pm 9:45 pm

For more details, see here.

Instructor Access

  1. Our automation is configured to add instructors to the course as soon as it is created in LearningStudio.  Instructors receive an automated email notification from Pearson when they are added to the course.
  2. Courses get created at least 2 weeks before their start dates if their template is ready with the exceptions of:  RES, DOL, Grad Counseling, and SHS courses, which will get created about 90 days before their start dates.
  3. Late Call:  If the course is a new course created and starting that same day :
    1. In Colleague, make sure that it has Allow Site Creation set to Yes on ASCI and call Greg Stanley to notify us that we need to set it in motion.
    2. We select course sections and initiate the process for telling LearningStudio to create them.  These go into a process queue which is checked and executed at regular intervals.
    3. The automation job queue runs roughly every hour when not creating new courses.  It may take up to 3 runs for a brand new section to fully populate which means up to a 3 hour delay from the time we start the course create process.
    Late Calls: 
    To get late course calls created the same day, you must contact Greg Stanley after the course section is completely set up in Colleague.  If we are not contacted, the course will not be ready until the following business day.

  4. Adds and Drops after creation:  Instructors that are added or removed later in Colleague automatically get updated in LearningStudio within 1 to 2 hours.
  5. If any user has outstanding data entry issue in Colleague, the automation cannot complete until it is resolved.  The Software Administration team monitors the automation for errors of this nature and contacts appropriate offices to have data corrected.
    Common problems include:  
    Extra space in front of the email address, no email address at all, or incomplete account setup on DRUS in Colleague.

  6. Future Courses:  If the start date of the course is more than: 20 days away for NonRes  or 7 days away for Res - instructors must click the View All Classes link to get a link to the course:

  7. Past Courses:  Instructors will always have access to past courses.  They are found in the View All Classes link shown above.

Student Access

  1. ALL Students are added to their LearningStudio courses at least 7 days before the start date of the course.  If the course is created less than 7 days before it starts, the students will be added at that time.
  2. Late Call:  The same information described under Instructor Access applies to students as well.
  3. Adds and Drops after creation:  If the course section has already been created in LearningStudio (indicated by a Portal Site such as "/asbo12/bus-105-a" listed on ASCI in Colleague), the automation will take care of any students/faculty added or dropped from the section within 1 to 2 hours.
  4. Past Courses:  Students will have access to past courses for approximately four years after the course end date provided that they also have access to the Portal.  They are found in the View All Classes link shown in the Instructor Access section above.
    1. Portal access ends 1 year after graduation.
    2. Portal access ends 18 months after withdrawing from a program.

Access Timeline


A - Course created and instructor gains access
B - Students gain access
C - Course Section Start Date
Bright red - Instructor preview
Orange - Student preview

  1. For any day of the week C is on, A and B will remain the same.
  2. This ensures the instructor always has a week more than the students.
  3. Thus if the start date is a Saturday, the instructor will have almost a 3 week preview and the students will have almost 2 weeks.

Tutorial Courses

After access to the MyIWU Portal is granted, all users are able to access the LearningStudio tutorial courses.  The following table lists the links to these courses that can be placed on Portal sites or in communications to faculty or students.



Student Orientation Tutorial

Student Orientation Tutorial in Spanish

Instructional Design Tutorial

Instructional Design Tutorial for Residential Faculty

Instructional Design Tutorial in Spanish

My Classes Tutorial for Residential Students
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