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Attaching Feedback in LearningStudio


Information covering how to attach student feedback inside of LearningStudio without emai.


Attaching Feedback in LearningStudio

Attaching File Comments for Assignments

  1. Click on Gradebook (top Toolbar).


  1. Choose the assignment you are grading by clicking on the assignment title (red linked title). 


  1. Click on the first students’ name that appears if you are ready to grade and attach comments for all students.  In the example below, it is Student, Test.


  1. A new pop up window will appear. This pop up window is called the Grade Detail View.
  2. Underneath “Grade” you will see Attachments: Add/Remove
  3. Click on Add/Remove, Browse your computer for the students’ paper that you would like to attach.
  4. Click Attach File, and it will attach to the assignment.


  1. To save time, LearningStudio will automatically save all the information you entered if you click the arrows up top by the student name.


  1. Clicking these arrows as shown in the above screenshot will give you the option of moving to the next student without the hassle of Save & Close. Note:  If you are not grading in order, this option will not work as it goes to the next student listed.


Attaching File Comments for Discussions

  1. Click on Author to be in Author mode.
  2. Click on the discussion you want to attach the file to.
  3. Click on “Reply”.
  4. Under the Visual Editor box you will see Add/Remove.


  1. You can attach the student feedback. Note:  All students will see this feedback if it is in a public discussion forum.
  2. Click Post
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