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Copying A Course



To copy a course, the course that is being copied into must be a blank template.  Blank means only containing Course Home and Syllabus.  If anything is typed into the blank shell, even if deleted, the copying feature will NOT work.


  1. Go to the course you want to copy.
  2. Click on Course Admin on the top toolbar.

  1. Click Copy Course Content

  1. Select Copy All Content

  1. Click Next

  1.  Select everything you want copied over, the term the course is in, and the course you are copying.  REMEMBER: It is recommended to copy everything you want this time. It is easier to enable then recreate. 


  1. Select the Destination Shell by pulling down the drop down box. Select term and course.  If the course you want does not populate, it is not a blank shell and contact IT at 765-677-2209 or ext. 2209.

  1. Click Next

  1. A review page will appear and double check that you have selected the correct course.

  1.   Click Copy Course Content

  1.  The copying will begin. View copy status by clicking View Copy Status

  1.   The copy status will display complete, waiting etc.
  2.   Click on Course Admin on the top toolbar.

  1.  Click Copy Course Content

  1.   Click on Select Content to Copy

  1.   Click Next
  2.   Select the course you are copying from and the course to copy into.

  1.   Click Next
  2.   Select the items to copy.   If you want all the materials from a certain Workshop/Unit, check the box “Add new Workshop/Unit and copy all Unit content” or click on the individual material.  NOTE: You must also have the "Files and Folder" box checked or files, ppts, etc. will not copy over.

  1.  Click Next
  2.   Make sure the copy items are correct.
  3.   Click Copy Course Content
  4.   View your copy status by clicking on View Copy Status
  5.   Make any adjustments you need inside the copied course.
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