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Email is an important communication tool for Students and Faculty and can be utilized in LearningStudio with the Email tool.

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 Learning Studio Email Tool & Microsoft Outlook

The LearningStudio Email Tool and IWU’s Microsoft Outlook, have a unique partnership on how the two systems work together. Please see below on what you can expect to happen and how to use the Email Tool in LearningStudio. In addition, you will see how your Microsoft Outlook account fits into place.

Note:  This is one option for sending emails.  An instructor may choose to have students directly email them outside of LearningStudio eliminating the Email Tool located on the top toolbar in each course.  To disable the Email Tool…Click Course Admin- Course Information & Preferences – Highlight the Disable radio button next to Email – Scroll down- Save Changes.

  • LearningStudio can be used to send original emails only.
  • The Email Tool is designed to allow instructors and students the opportunity to send one-way emails inside of LearningStudio without revealing the senders email address.
  • Emails sent from LearningStudio include a copy for the instructor that is located in their outlook email account.
  • Only the name and generic email is shown once it arrives in a Microsoft Outlook account. This holds true for personal emails as well (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).
  • Generic emails are attached to students only not instructors.
  • Replies from the original email sent from LearningStudio does not come back to LearningStudio. They will go to the email address IWU has on file. This should be an (Instructors) or (Students); however, in the rare case the address on file for a student is a personal email (ex. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) then that will be the email used.
  • Instructor can reply to students and students can reply to instructors. It is highly recommended to check Junk mail or configure junk mail to filter in those emails. Directions can be found below.


Email Inbox View when emails are sent from LearningStudio and received in Outlook.

Student Email View- Note the generic email and the name of the student appears.


Instructor Email View- Note that only the names show.


To send an email via LearningStudio, please follow these steps:

  1. At the top of your screen, click the Email tab.

  1. Next to Select Recipients, select the recipients of your message. To do this, click on the name of the person or group OR hold down Ctrl at the same time while clicking on the person(s) and/or group to make multiple selections.





  1. After highlighting, click the appropriate arrows to add or remove recipients to or from the recipients box. In the screen shot below, the name of the recipient is highlighted, Add is then clicked, and the recipient’s name is moved over to the second box.



  1. In the Cc: (Instructor Only) box, you can add an additional email or leave blank. If you choose to leave the box blank, the email will and only be received in the email on file (ex. Note: Junk Mail settings may need to be changed to keep emails from LearningStudio going into that folder.  Click HERE for information on changing Junk Mail settings.


  1. In the Subject field, type a Subject for your message, and then type your message in the box.


  1. Click Add/Remove to attach a file to your message. You can attach multiple documents to an email.



  1. Click Browse for the file in the dialog box that opens, and click Attach File for a single document or Save & Attach Another File for multiple documents.


  1. Click Done and files will be attached to the email.
  2. Click Send Message and a confirmation message appears.




  1. Click OK, and a copy of the email is sent to the email account on file… or, etc


Junk Mail

How to Change Settings In Microsoft Outlook

The Junk Email Filter is designed to keep junk email messages, also known as spam, from cluttering your Inbox. By default, the Junk Email Filter is turned on, and the protection level is set to Low, the setting designed to catch the most obvious spam. You can adjust the sensitivity of the Junk Email Filter. Messages detected by the Junk Email Filter are moved to the Junk E-mail folder.

Note:  It is recommended to keep an eye on your Junk Folder now and then just to assure proper filter options are accurate and avoid missing an emails sent from LearningStudio.  While the Junk Email Filter protects against much of the spam sent to you, no filter can catch every junk message.

  1. Once inside of Outlook, click on Junk Email.


  1. Click on the Junk drop down arrow on the top toolbar.

  1. Some Options will appear.



  1. Click on option Junk Email Options…


  1.  A pop up will appear that gives you many more options to choose from.  Using the options Safe Senders or Safe Recipients, you have the ability to allow email addresses or domain names on these lists to not be treated as junk email.  Click on the tab (ex. Safe Recipients), Click Add and type in the address then click OK.


  1.  Click Apply, then OK

  1. The settings have been changed. You may go back at any time and adjust settings accordingly.

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