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External Tool Integrator


This feature is only available to employees of IWU that create courses.  A certain type of login is required. If your login is not working, call Support to determine if you have the correct login and/or authorized to use this feature.

Certain third-party tools that were formerly a manual process have now been integrated. Now, integrated items take on a more native course feel. Faculty and course content authors can create “external content or tools” as content items. The Tool Integrator will associate content with specific third-party tools that are activated for the institution and integrate them into the course in the same fashion as a threaded discussion or exam item. Faculty can also choose whether the content is launched in a new window or within the course frame. Currently this feature is only available with use of Taskstream and McGraw-Hill. Cengage is in process.



  1. Go to the course you wish to integrate a third-party tool. In this example, I will be pulling in Taskstream.
  2. In Author mode, click on the main heading (i.e Workshop One, Week One, Unit Two, etc.).
  3. Click on “Workshop Content Items”
  4. Click “Add Items”
  5. Type in the name of the item.
  6. Choose “External Tool” from the drop down box.


  1. Add in any additional information.
  2. Click “Add Items”
  3. It is now on the left menu bar.  In this example, the new item that was created was “External Tool Taskstream”.

  1.  Click on the item you just created.
  2.  Select Taskstream or McGraw-Hill from the dropdown.
  3.  Click Next
  4.  Choose “In a frame” or “In a new window”
  5.  Click Next
  6.  Click Submit on the confirmation screen.
  7.  Click on “Course” to be in course mode and Taskstream or Mcgraw-Hill will appear.


If you would like further assistance contact Pearson at 1-855-679-0017.

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