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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Inserting a Video


Information on how to insert a video into LearningStudio.


  • Click on Author to be in Author Mode.
  • Click on the forum/thread/topic you wish to put the video.
  • Go to the website you wish to choose the video.
  • Once a video is found, Click Share.
  • Click Embed.
  • Make sure the option to: “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” is unchecked.
  • Copy the code starting with <iframe and ending with </iframe>
  • Return to LearningStudio.
  • Click on the HTML button at the bottom of the visual editor window. Make sure you are in Author mode.
  • Position your cursor underneath the title or wherever you would like the video to be inserted.
  • Paste (ctrl +V) the copied HTML code.

  • Click Save Changes and click OK.
  • Click Course mode (only after clicking Save Changes) to view the embedded video.
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