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Inserting an Image (Threaded Discussion/ Text/Multimedia, etc.)


How to insert an image into a Threaded Discussion, Text/Multimedia, etc.


-  Click on Author to be in Author mode.

-  In the visual editor window, place the cursor where you would like the image to be.  In this example I want my image to be to the right of my text.

-  Click the insert image button (the mountains with the sun to the right of the link wizard button).

-  Type the alternative text that will appear when a mouse hovers over the image or what a screen reader will read aloud in the Descriptive text field.

-  Click Choose File to navigate and locate the image you wish to insert.Note: Image must be saved on the computer being used.


-  Click Insert Image.

-  Click once on the image in the visual editor. Right click (or command click on a Mac) on the image and choose Properties.

-  To the right of Width and Height is a chain, click in the middle of the chain to lock the chain and constrain proportions.

-  Adjust the size your image will display by typing a new number in the width such as 250. The height will adjust accordingly. You can always resize, so play around with the numbers. It is recommended starting between 250-350 for the width and the height will adjust to that.

-  To the right of the X adjacent to Image Alignment click the small arrow pointing down.

-  Click the box on the right to align the image to the right of the text, or choose a different alignment.

-  Click OK. The image should be resized and aligned with text wrapping.

-  Click Save Changes.

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