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Student At-Risk Dashboard

Student At-Risk Dashboard


The Student At-Risk Dashboard also known simply as At-Risk Dashboard allows instructors and teaching assistants to review all of their students, on a class-by-class basis, and easily identify any student who is at risk. Early identification will allow instructors to contact students at the first sign of decreased activity with the goal of increasing student retention and improving grades.  Note:  The dashboard may show all or some students flagged during preview week.  It is recommended to wait for the course to begin before viewing the dashboard. If you have any questions concerning your dashboard please contact Pearson for assistance.


How to Access the Dashboard


  1. Click on the Digital Campus Update: August 2015 link under Announcements Across Campus in the portal. 
  2.  Click Non-Res Faculty Portal landing page link.
  3. Next, select the course you wish to view by clicking on the small arrow next to the course.

  1. The selected course will now open the dashboard layout and display all at risk students.  In the example below, I have one at risk student.  The dashboard has flagged this student as at risk due to the last time she logged in and her last assignment submission date which is noted by the yellow triangle with the exclamation point or also known as the at risk flag .

Dashboard Items

  • Last Name                                            ·   Activity in minutes- Last 10 days & Total
  • First Name                                            ·   Submissions- Last 10 days & Total
  • Last Login Date                                    ·   Grade To Date
  • Last Submit Date                                  ·   Email Address


  • The dashboard will present data based upon course work completed no later than 11:59pm Mountain time on the previous day.    
  • Date of Last Login. This column lists the last login date for the student.  The at risk flag only shows if user has not logged in to the course 120 hours or more.
  • Last Submit Date. The last date that the student submitted a gradable item to the course. At risk flag only shows if user has not submitted an assignment for the past 10 days.
  • Activity Minutes. Activity minutes will be listed for the past 10 days and for the entire course to date.
  • Submissions. Gradable item submission counts will be listed for the past 10 days and for the entire course to date.
  • Download Dashboard View Link. The data in the dashboard can be downloaded to a .csv file and opened with Excel.
  • Grade to Date. If a student’s Grade to Date falls below 72% for the course the at risk indicator will appear.
  • At Risk Indicator. Any student that is deemed at risk in any category will be shown in At Risk Indicator. Any student that is deemed at risk in any category will be shown in the dashboard. A warning indicator, pictured below, will indicate which category contained the at risk behavior.

             Note: A student may be at risk in one or more categories.  At Risk Indicator:    


Emailing from the Dashboard

Important: When emailing students include the icare team ( in the cc of the email.


  1. Select the student(s) you wish to email by placing a check in the box next to their email for multiple recipients or clicking the students email address.  In addition, if you are selecting all students you can check the box next to “Check/Uncheck All In Course”.  Note:  Portions of the emails below have been shaded to protect privacy.


If using the dashboard to send one email to multiple students; student names are in the BCC field so they are not viewable by recipients. Professor name is in the TO: field.



A student’s e-mail address, as stored in the system, is listed so students can be contacted to address at risk behavior. Instructors may send an email to one student by clicking on the student’s email address; or the instructor may send one email to multiple students by selecting the check box next to each student’s name, then clicking on the Email Selected Students link located in the right hand corner of screen.

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