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Course Dashboard

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Course Dashboard has a rich set of new features designed to: save student/instructor time, increase efficiency and customize the user-experience. Course Dashboard data provides timely, relevant and actionable content that will increase student engagement.  Note:If unable to view the video below or video box, try a different browser. Internet Explorer is recommended.

!  As previously reported, Pearson was working on fixing the time stamp issue that would originate with the start of Daylight Savings Time (March 13).  However, due to the retirement of LearningStudio, Pearson was not able to resolve the issue and have now resigned the situation to be unresolved.  Content in the “Assignments” section will display an hour behind.
>This will be NOT impact many courses or students because our master courses do not use this functionality! 
>This will ONLY be visible to a student when a faculty member has taken the time to load assignments into the course calendar!

PDF: https://kb.indwes.edu/@api/deki/files/4665/Course_Dashboard.pdf






























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