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VitalSource Ebook (PC and Mac)

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VitalSource is the e-textbook delivery platform for Indiana Wesleyan University.  It provides three-way access to your books through download, online, and mobile.  Rich features transform content into a portable, dynamic and engaging learning/reading experience.  Please click the links below for instructions on use.


File: /@api/deki/files/4027/Vital_Source-Student_Guide_Bookshelf.pdf

File: https://kb.indwes.edu/@api/deki/files/4426/Bookshelf_Online_Quickstart.pdf

File: /@api/deki/files/4032/Bookshelf_Quick_Start_Guide_Mac_PC_pdf-5.pdf

Cut and paste the web address below into your URL browser to access numerous video tutorials:  http://downloads.vitalbook.com/tutor...ml?did=generic

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