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Check Browser Compatibility


This article will show you the current Browser, Version, and Operating System you are currently using, as well as what Browsers and Versions are supported by LearningStudio.

Your Browser

This is the current browser and version you're currently using as well as the operating system of your computer:

Check the sections below to see if this browser is supported.

Supported Browsers

In general, LearingStudio supports the latest two versions of each major browser.

LearningStudio Technical Requirements


Internet Explorer:

If you are using a Windows computer you already have Internet Explorer.  You can check the version by looking in the "Your Browser" section above.
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox can be downloaded for free here: www.getfirefox.com
Google Chrome
Chrome can be downloaded for free here: www.google.com/chrome
Apple Safari
If you are using an Apple computer you already have Safari.



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