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LearningStudio Errors


This page lists some common error messages that may appear in relation to LearningStudio.


Course Access

If you click on a link to a course to which you do not have access, you will see a message that says "There was an error transferring you to LearningStudio."


If you see this message any of the following are possible:

  • The course has not yet opened to you as a student
  • The course is no longer available to you as a student (course ended 2+ years ago)
  • You are not enrolled in the course in LearningStudio (your setup is incomplete, Contact the Support Center)


Another common error message when clicking on a course link is "Bad Request - Request Too Long.  HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long."


If you see this message, the most common solution is:

Browser Cookies

LearningStudio depends on cookies being enabled.  If you clear your cookies or have cookies disabled, you may see a message like this.  You will need to enable cookies in your browser.


Security Timeout

LearningStudio sessions time out after 90 minutes.  If your session times out, you may see messages like these.  You will need to return to the IWU Portal and click on a link to the course again.




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