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Course Dashboard


Course Dashboard has a rich set of new features designed to: save student/instructor time, increase efficiency, and customize the user-experience. Course Dashboard data provides timely, relevant and actionable content that will increase student engagement. Note:

If unable to view the video below or video box, try a different browser. Internet Explorer is recommended.


!  Discussion Threads- Unread discussion threads posted before enabling (Dec. 18th, 7 am EST) will not populate in the “Discussion Topics” widget.  New posts posted after the enabling date and time will populate.  In some small instances, not all responses to threaded discussions are currently displaying. This happens when one user creates a topic and replies to the topic. All users who have access to the thread can see a record in the discussion. However, when another user replies to the response, this record is only visible for the user who posted the response to the topic. The user who replied to the response and the user who created the topic cannot see that record.  We HIGHLY recommend going to discussion threads to ensure information is not missed. Once the discussion thread is viewed from the dashboard, it will not populate until new postings display in the thread.





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