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Math Equation Editor

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The Math Equation Editor is a feature that allows students and instructors to select from a wide range of 
equations and formulas. This feature has been upgraded to include improved screen layout and a larger 


Follow the directions below to explore this neat little feature.
1.  Click on the equation editor icon on the visual editor toolbar.

mee 1.JPG

2.  A pop up window will appear. Click Create New Equation.

mee 2.JPG

3.  Type in Equation Title

mee 3.JPG

4.  Choose your equation/formula and type in your information. Example, replace the square shape 
with the number 24.

mee 4.JPG


5.  Choose any of the following options below to place inside your editing box or any of the other 
options to save or cancel.

mee 5.JPG

6.  Save Changes.

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