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Notifications (Coming in December)


Notifications is a feature that will allow instructors and students to receive text (SMS) and email notifications for Announcements, Threads, Grade Postings, and Assignment Postings.  This feature allows a user to configure their preferences to receive notifications about course activity.

This is an optional feature!! Instructors and students can choose to not use it!


  • If you choose to receive notifications for discussion threads, the options chosen will be for all threads.  For example, an instructor and/or student cannot subscribe to only the prayer forum.  It will be all threads inside the selected course.  Remember, you do not have to choose to receive discussion thread notifications.  You have the option to choose which alerts you want to receive (Announcements, Threads, Grade Postings, Assignment Postings) and the modality (email or text).
  • Instructor and students can decide whether or not they want to use this feature.  This is an optional feature but will be seen on the top toolbar.

Email Notification Setup

  1. Click on the Notifications tab on the top toolbar of the course you wish to receive notifications.
  2. A new window will appear.  This window will allow you the opportunity to choose your options for email setup. Note: Please make sure your primary address is correct.


3. Add additional email addresses if you would like and choose your options.  You can add up to two additional addresses.

4.  Click Save

Text Notifications Setup


1.  Click on the Text tab to set up text messaging notifications.

2.  Choose your carrier and put in your phone number. Note:  Do not include dashes 7656773438.


3. Click Save

4. You will then be texted a verification code.  Once you have your verification code, type it in the box and click verify.


5.  After successful verification, you have additional options to choose.


6.  Click Save


Feeds Notification Setup


1.  Click on Feeds to setup up additional email and text options.

2.  As you choose your options. Pull down the drop down boxes to reveal more choices.



3.  Click on Save

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