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Tests and Quizzes


Here you can find more information about your Tests and Quizzes.



Tests and quizzes are a common way of reviewing what you have learned over a portion of a class. Taking online tests or quizzes can be very different from doing them in a classroom, however, the following information should help you out and make you more familiar with the process.

Accessing a Tests, Exam, or Quiz

1. Click on the name of the test/exam/quiz. In the example below, the test is titled "Test".

2. A preview page for the exam will display.  See screen shot below.


3.  Click on the button that displays "Begin...".  After the word Begin, it may say the name of the test. In this example, it says "Begin Test"

4. The next page that appears will be a Reminder page. Once again you will click on the button "Begin..." and this will begin your test.


5. Once you begin taking your test, You will see a box for time remaining, Save Answers, and Submit Grading.

6. When the test is complete, make sure to Submit for Grading.

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