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Threaded Discussions (Mark as Question)



Students and instructors have struggled with questions that are posted in a discussion thread that get lost and go unanswered. Mark as Question, is a feature where students can post a question in the thread, click 'Mark as Question' and a tab is created that allows all of the questions in the thread to be viewed on the Questions tab.





Mark as Question

  1. Click on a Discussion Thread
  2. Click “Reply” for the topic that you wish to mark as a question.

  1. Type your reply and click “Mark as question”

  1. Click Post and the posting will be tagged as well as a Question tab is now available.


  1. Click the Questions tab and all posts tagged with Mark as Question will appear.  As with the Recommend a Post, click the “Back to discussion” to return to the discussion.


  1. A post can have the question tag removed. To do this, click on “Edit”.


  1. Click “Unmark as question”


  1. Click Post and the posting is no longer question tagged.

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