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Navigating your EBook


Navigating your ebook can be quite simple, however some of the tools aren't apparrent. This guide will walk you through the navigation features of the ebook reader.


Below we will explain the different parts of the navigation bar within the ebook reader.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.56.17 AM.png

In the green marked section, the buttons will open your table of contents. You can go to the table of contents page using the first button. The second button will open a quick menu for the TOC instead of changing your page.

In red you can adjust the view of your book. The hand will let you pan the page if you are zoomed in. The second button will change your view. You can choose a page view or a thumbnail view to view multiple pages at once. The Magnifier glasses will let you zoom in and our on the page you are viewing.

I the blue section you can print the page or share bits of your book. You can also change the view to show a section of pages. The last box will let you go directly to a page in the book.

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