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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

How to Change Your Password


Explains how to change your IWU Password.

Change Password

If you know your current password but would like to change it to something different, follow these steps:

Forgot Password
If you do not remember your current password and are unable to sign in to the MyIWU Portal, see Forgot Password.
  1. Sign in to the MyIWU Portal (see How to Login to the MyIWU Portal).
  2. Under Top Tools / Top Links / Employee Tools, click on Change Password

    Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 8.28.25 AM.png
  3. This will take you to our Password Reset /Password Change portal. You can learn more about using those tools here.

Please note that in order to change your IWU password you must follow the complexity requirements detailed below:


The IWU password must be at least 9 characters long, but may be much longer if desired


The IWU password must contain three out of the following four categories

  1. English uppercase characters (A through Z)
  2. English Lowercase characters (a through z)
  3. Numeric digits (0 through 0)
  4. Non-alphabetic characters (for example: !,$,#,%

Other Requirements

The IWU password may not contain your full first name or last name. For example: if your username is john.doe your password can not contain "john" or "doe". 

Your password may also not contain more than 3 consecutive letters of your username. For example: if your username is john.doe your password can not contain in any area "joh" or "ohn" 


After completing these steps, your IWU password will be immediately changed to the new value you entered. To find out more regarding which IWU apps and web sites are affected by this change, see IWU Password.

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