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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

MyIWU Portal Login


Explains how to sign in to the MyIWU portal website.

Login to the MyIWU Portal

  1. Login with your IWU student or employee username and password. For most people the username will be in the following format:

If you do not know your password, see Forgotten Password. If you do not know your username, contact the Support Center.

What can I do through the MyIWU Portal?

You can access the following services and information through the MYIWU portal:

  1. Check your IWU email account (see Student Email or Employee Email)
  2. Access your online classes in Brightspace
  3. View your grades, transcript, degree audit, class schedule, and profile information
  4. View course offerings and course descriptions
  5. View announcements and important communications from IWU
  6. View library information

How do I sign out of the MyIWU Portal?

The preferred method to sign out of the Portal is to click the Sign Out button near the top right corner of the page.

  • Clicking on your name near the right hand corner reveals a menu where you can select sign Out.
  • Or, closing your browser will also sign out of the portal.
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