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Adding a Content Editor Web Part

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Explains how to add a content editor web part to your portal site to hold text or images.


  1. In the breadcrumbs, click the link to your site to return to the home page of your site
  2. Click [Site Actions] click [Edit Page]


  • Note:  Notice how your page has changed to have more edit choices
  1. Choose a zone and click [Add a Web PartaddAWebPartHighlighted.png
  2. In the Categories section, select Media and Content and the in Web Parts section select the Content Editor  and click [Add]


  1. In the body of your new web part, choose Click here to add new content


  1. You are not able to type your content into the body of the webpart. 
  2. Use the ribbon features to change its appearance (bold, italics, font size, alignment, etc.)
  3. Enter spaces below your text.
  4. From the ribbon[Editing Tools] choose insert File:C:/Users/MARIA~1.KEL/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image010.jpg
  5. From the image icon (mountain with sun icon) Select [from computer]


  1. Navigate to a picture on your computer
  2. {Optional} Change the layout and size of your image
  3. Click [Check In] or [Publish] in the top left-hand side of the page


You have successfully added static text and images to your page!

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