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Adding eForm Links


Explains how to create the eForm link which then can be added to your content page.


After completing these steps, you should have a valid link to your eForm page which can be added to any of your content pages.

Creating the link to an eForm


  • Open a browser and go to http://www.base64encode.org/
  • In the first box, type in A.NAME=xxxxx  where xxxxx is the name of your eForm.  Do not put quotes around the name or spaces before A.NAME.  This must be exact or it will not work.

  • Click ENCODE

  • Copy the text which appears in the second box. 

  • Go to your content page in the portal and type in the following: /Pages/WebAdvisor.aspx?title=Form&pid=CORE-XWCEFRM1&EFA=  and then paste the text from above on the end of this.

  • Save and test your link.


Example for eForm Memo of Understanding:



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