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Colleague UI Gives "Login Failed" Message

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After using Update Stored Colleague Password, the Colleague Live link on the portal shows Login Failed message.


When attempting to access the Colleague UI from off campus users will NOT be able to get to colleague.indwes.edu (getting "Server Not Found", DNS_RESOLVE_ERROR, or something similar), but will still have the Colleague Live link in the portal that loads the Silverlight shell for the Colleague UI but displays this message:
Login Failed.jpg


To resolve the issue, the user must be "on the IWU network". This means they have done one of the following:

  1. Are using a computer with a wired connection to the IWU network.
  2. Are connected to one of the IWU wireless Access Points.
  3. Are using a computer logged into the IWU VPN.
  4. Are using one of the VDI desktops available to some users at mypc.indwes.edu (only Helix at this time)
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