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SharePoint List constantly prompts for login in Outlook


A client can receive multiple prompts for login from Outlook when they have a Sharepoint list link set up.  This is set up through the SharePoint list in the Portal and allows for all the items to be listed in one's email under SharePoint Lists.


When this issue occurs... when a client is prompted multiple times to enter their password through Outlook (to connect to a Sharepoint list).  This error message may or may not appear for the specific SharePoint list:


Root Cause

This issue is caused by...

The connection from Outlook to the portal needs to establish the appropriate credentials.  It prompts for the username/password to validate the connection and pull back the items in the list into Outlook.  There is no way to stop the prompting for username/password without removing the link.  There is a way to reduce the number of times to log in by adjusting a setting in SharePoint (not sure which setting though).


To resolve the issue, follow these steps...

In Outlook, Select File, and then click Account Settings.
2. Click Account Settings, and then click SharePoint Lists.
3. In the Account Settings dialog box, double-click the SharePoint list for which you received the error.
4. Clear the check on Display this list on other computers with the account: and then click OK.
5. Make sure that the SharePoint list for which you received the error is still selected, and then click Remove.
6. Close the Account Settings dialog box.

As a workaround, you can set an alert on the list which will enable you to get an email when an item is added or changed.

1. Go to the discussion
2. Click on List 
3. Click on Alert Me -> Set Alert on this List
4. Decide if you want notified immediately or a daily or weekly summary.  Update and click OK at the bottom.
5. You will receive an email like this when anyone posts:


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