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My Profile has Incorrect Phone Numbers


Student's My Profile page is displaying an incorrect or out-dated phone number.


When a student accesses their My Profile page, it is displaying some phone numbers for them that are either no longer current, or never belonged to them in the first place.

Profile Wrong Number.png


This issue is a result of the student's address data in Colleague being incorrect.

Colleague associates phone numbers to addresses, and this issue usually occurs when a student has an old address in the system that is still marked as Current and has an old or incorrect phone number attached to it.  This situation isn't obvious when looking at the My Profile page in DataConnect, because this page only displays the student's Preferred address, but displays all phone numbers that are associated with any addresses without an end date in the past for the student--even if the Status is Former.

The office responsible for maintaining correct data for the student will have to make the correction in Colleague.  In the case of Non Residential students this is the Office of Student Services, and in the case of Residential students this is the Residential Academic Services office.

If office staff are unsure of how to find and correct the data, they should refer to the Identifying the Problem Data section below.

Identifying the Problem Data

In the example screenshot above, the student's My Profile page in DataConnect is displaying two phone numbers, one of which is the correct phone number associated with his Blue Pine Dr address.  The other phone number is incorrect, and is actually associated with a second address for the student which is listed as Current in Colleague.  The example screenshots below show how to identify the problem by looking at the ADSU Colleague screen and its detail screen, ADR.

When the student's address records are brought up on ADSU, note that he has two addresses marked Current, but only one marked Pref Res / Pref Mail (Preferred Residence / Preferred Mailing).

ADSU addresses.png


Note the phone number attached to the non-preferred address.  This is the phone number the student reported as being incorrect.



Note the phone number attached to the preferred address.  This is the correct phone number.



In cases where the incorrect phone number is an old number associated to an old address, the best way to correct the data is to put an end date in the past on the old address and change it's status to Former.  However, if the address is still a valid current address for the student and/or the phone number was never a valid number for the student or for that address, the phone number itself should be removed.

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