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Audience Request Requirements


Describes the requirements for requesting a new Portal audience or requesting changes to or deletion of an existing Portal audience.


Requests for new Portal audiences automatically maintained by Colleague must be submitted to the Software Development Team (SDT) using the iSupport Social Client.

The following conditions apply to all requests for new audiences:

  • Any Content Manager or Content Owner can request a new audience.
  • All Colleague screens and fields containing the data used as selection criteria for the audience must be provided to UIT as part of the request.
  • Data Owners for all fields used as selection criteria must also be provided in the request.
    • If any of the data belongs to other Data Owners besides the requester, the requester must obtain the permission of those Data Owners to use the data for an audience definition, and proof of this permission must be included in the request.
  • The requester is responsible for verifying the data integrity of the fields used for selection criteria—the goal is 100% accuracy, but the absolute minimum is 90% accuracy—anything below this requires special permission from the Portal Governance Team.
  • The SDT must update existing audience documentation appropriately before the audience is put in use.
  • Because more than one audience can be attached to content to target it toward the desired group of people, audiences will not be created that contain members from multiple "communities".  For example, a single audience should not include faculty, students, and staff together.  Audiences require significant system resources to maintain, so new audiences need to be generally useful for multiple communications, not just useful in a very specific situation.
  • Audiences will not be created if the same people can be targeted using a combination of existing audiences.  Again, audiences are "expensive" to maintain in terms of system resources—we can't afford to be maintaining audiences that aren't absolutely necessary.


Important Notes
  • The Colleague processes provided by Ellucian for defining audiences are subject to certain limitations.
    Consequently, some Colleague data is unavailable for use as audience criteria.
  • Audiences cannot be created on-the-fly; they must be explicitly defined.
    This means that when new records are created that require a new audience (such as new schools), a request for the new audience setup must be submitted to UIT.
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