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IT Dashboard


Explains what the UIT Dashboard is and how to use it.


The IT Dashboard is a Portal page located in the IT Directory site which displays information from IT systems related to you.  It looks like this:


Personal Information

This section displays the photo on your ID card as well as your demographic information stored in our primary information system, Colleague.  This information is refreshed nightly.

My Tickets

This section displays all support tickets you have participated in and information about those tickets.  This information is always up-to-date.

My Assets

This section lists the IWU-owned assets that are associated with you.  It is visible to Full/Part Time/Hourly Administrative Staff and to Full Time Residential Faculty.

Network Account

This section displays information about your Active Directory network account.  When your password is within 30 days of expiring, the entry will turn red and you will see a warning icon. This information is up-to-date with a possible delay of one hour.

Colleague Security

(Employees only) This section displays the security classes you have been assigned in Colleague.  This information is refreshed nightly.


This section contains some common questions you might have about the IT Dashboard.

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