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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Maintenance Schedule


Below is the maintenance schedule for the portal as well as an explanation of the three types of maintenance:

  1. Monthly 
  2. Ongoing
  3. Emergency

Maintenance Types

Monthly Maintenance  

Every 4th Friday of the month from 5:00am EST until 6:00am EST is reserved for key maintenance downtimes for the Portal. 

This is our planned window of maintenance to key components of the MyIWU Portal system that will cause the Portal to be temporarily un-available. During this window the portal may or may not respond as we perform our regular maintenance. 

While the Portal may respond during our maintenance window we highly recommend waiting until after 6:00am EST to perform any critical actions/functions within the Portal such as uploading or editing documents, pages or sites.
  • 4th Friday of each month

  • 5am EST to 6am EST

  • Portal is Unavailable

  • Planned 

Ongoing Maintenance 

We also perform regular maintenance each week on other components of the system. This maintenance does not cause an outage, nor is it noticeable to anyone utilizing the Portal and its services.

  • No Schedule - Ongoing/Constant
  • Portal is Available
  • Planned

Emergency Maintenance

There are times where "Emergency" maintenance or an outage may have to be taken outside of our planned window in the "Downtimes" section above. 

UIT will make every effort possible to announce these special maintenance windows in advance as much as possible. 

Keep an eye on the Announcements area on the front page of the Portal for any upcoming non-regular maintenance. 
  • No Schedule
  • Portal may or may not be available
  • Will be announced with as much advance notice as possible
  • Unplanned
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