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Wrong Cohort in My Classes


Explains why you may see the wrong cohort next to your course in My Classes.


Many students have been confused and frustrated by a different cohort with the same course showing on their portal page and their cohort/course information is not showing.

When this happens, this indicates that the cohort/course is cross listed (combined) with another cohort of the same course.

By design, Learning Studio only shows the primary cohort/course that is cross listed. For example: MBA790-FINC-525-A cross listed to MBH03-FINC-525-A. MBH03 is the “primary”, so it will show on your portal page. To those students enrolled in MBH03, they will be unaware that the course is cross listed. The students in MBA790 are fully aware. The confirmation for the students viewing a “different” cohort, that the course is cross listed, is that the “course” is the same. 


Please select the “other” cohort with the same course to access your class.

To confirm the courses for which you are registered, click here for instructions.

Contact Student Services for a list of other courses to which your cohort is cross listed.

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