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Employee Self-Service Password Reset

Employees can learn how to reset or change their IWU password here.

For employees, the Self-Service Password Reset tool is connected to and authenticated by DUO 2-factor authentication.

This means that as an employee you will not need to utilize the 'Update Recovery Options' portion of the 'IWU Password Reset' page. Instead, whenever you need to reset your password you will simply follow the 'Password Reset' instructions below when on the 'IWU Password Reset' page.

To get to, or back to, the 'IWU Password Reset' page go to and select the 'Forgot Password link. 

Password Reset

1. Select the 'Begin Reset' button under the 'Password Reset' heading.

2. Enter your IWU e-mail address (ex: or IWU username (ex: joe.smith) in the 'IWU Username' box and select the red 'Continue' button at the bottom-right of the screen.

3. Select 'Authenticate with DUO' followed by your desired DUO authentication method (ex: 'Send Push', 'Text Me', or 'Call Me'). For more information on DUO specifically please click HERE.

4. After authenticating you will be placed on a 'Create a New Password' page.

5. Type your desired, new password into both the 'Password' and 'Confirm Password' boxes, while being sure to meet all the listed requirements, and select the red 'Reset' button at the bottom-right of the page.

6. On the 'Review Changes' page you will see a 'Status' column that will indicate whether the password change was successfully implemented. Selecting the red 'Finish' button at the bottom-right will return you to the 'IWU Password Reset' landing page.


To navigate back to the IWU Self-Service Password Reset tool (in order to be able to follow the instructions above) please select the following link:

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