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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Browser Compatibility With IWU Systems

Lists major IWU web-based software and systems and their supported browsers, recommended browsers, known issues, and support information.

Due to continual updates to all web browsers it is helpful to know which browsers are required for use with the major systems at the University. This page provides a central location for this browser compatibility information.

Below you will find the names of major IWU systems. Click on the system name to expand that section and learn more about the requirements and recommendations for that particular application.

Check Back Often
This page is constantly updated. Be sure to check back often to keep yourself up-to-date on browser specifics with IWU Systems. Systems will also be added / removed as necessary. 

List of systems 



Description: Brightspace is the learning management system (LMS) that Indiana Wesleyan University uses for online coursework.

Colleague UI

Description: The ERP system for Indiana Wesleyan University. This tool is utilized heavily by Staff and Faculty across the University.


Description: eForms are interactive forms that feed directly into our document imaging system.

Mindtouch KB (This site)

Description: This site, known as the IWU KnowledgeBase, is built on wiki technology from a company called Mindtouch.  IWU uses this site to document technical and support related information.

MyIWU Portal

Description: The central hub for our Students, Faculty and Staff. The Portal is used as a jumping off point and a one stop shop for all of your information at IWU.

MyIWU Portal - Content Managers/ Site Owners

Description: This is intended for those who are "Site Owners" or "Content Managers" within the My IWU Portal.


Description: MySupport is our system that allows the IWU Community to submit tickets to our UIT department. Tickets can be reports of broken items, or project requests for new development etc.


Description: The web interface for the document imaging system utilized by Indiana Wesleyan University.