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newrow_ Instructions

How to Access newrow_

  1. Login and access your course.
  2. Once inside your course, you will see a “Watchitoo” subheading.  This will be located under the Course Home main heading
  3. Click on “Watchitoo” and it will begin loading. Loading time may vary depending on internet connection.

Participating in a Session

As a participant, you will be able to chat, ask questions and view content on the stage. Only the moderator controls what is displayed on the stage, and can initiate screen sharing, whiteboard and drag comments and questions to the stage. The moderator can also grant moderator rights to a participant to upload content.

The following is a legend of each area in the Watchitoo interface. The professor determines the levels of control students have so certain capabilities mentioned here may or may not be available to you.



Full Page View (Class tab)

Note: Some features may not be present in your view as a student. This is instructor screen shot.


The Class tab contains…

  1. Chat – an informal conversation.


   2. Search- a feature that allows searching within the list shown in the screenshot below.


   3. File Upload- upload files from your computer to share.


   4. Participants List- shows participants.


   5. Whiteboard - used for illustrative communication



To use the chat function, follow the directions below.

  1. Click the chat icon Watch9.png to the right of the stage.
  2. Make sure that the Chat tab is selected.
  3. Enter text in the outlined box and press Enter.


Asking Questions

Participants can ask questions at any time.  Only the moderator can see a question. The moderator can then decide to drag the question into the stage for all participants to see.

  1. Click the chat icon Watch9.png to the right of the stage.
  2. Make sure the Question tab is selected.
  3. Type a question in the outlined box and press Enter.


Activating your Camera and Microphone

  1. Click the “Start Webcam” button in the Video Activation.


   2.  Click the Allow button.  Watchitoo will identify the default camera and microphone.


  3.  A pop up will appear asking if you would like to go On-Air and press Yes.

  4.  If your computer has more than one camera and/or audio input device and you want to change the default selection, then use the          dropdown menus that appear to the right of the on/off buttons after the webcam and audio are activated.



Watchitoo Playground tab

Full Page View

Every participant (student and instructor) has the ability to activate their webcam and go on stage as well as share content with all present.  The Playground consists of four rooms. This section is perfect for groups to do video collaborations or simple chat sessions.  Below the full page view, are the various features inside of each room or playground.


Initial View inside of each Playground


---> Chat 


---> ToolsGives you two options you may use. Screen Share or Whiteboard.

---> Web- Let’s you upload videos from YouTube, Flickr Images, or Photobucket Images.


---> FilesBrowse external files to load


---> Webcam and Microphone- You can choose to turn your webcam off or on as well as your microphone.  In the screenshot below, you see they are marked off. This simply means not in use. To turn them on, click on the icons circled in red.


---> Exit- Allows you to exit the playground and return back to the list.



Watchitoo Basic Terms

•  Class: A Watchitoo Class Interact class enables advanced real-time conferencing, collaboration and the sharing of high-resolution content. A Class Interact class is typically a class, training session, or lecture. Other applications of a class can include online meetings, conferences and events.
•  Participant: Participants are typically students. Participants can activate their webcams to have the opportunity to video chat, view content presented, text chat with all participants or privately ask the moderator questions.
•  Moderator: A moderator is typically an instructor or teacher assistant. A moderator can upload, organize and display content; add, arrange or remove webcam feeds; view and answer participant questions; drag and drop chat posts and questions into the content window; initiate screen-sharing, whiteboard; create quick polls; and designate and remove moderation rights for participants.
•  Owner: An owner is typically the institution’s administrator. In addition to the same rights as a moderator, the owner can record the session well as access a variety of administrative features such as course creation and student, professor registration.
•  Content: Content refers to the videos, documents, images and files that can be
presented during a session.
•  Stage: The stage is the area where content and “On Air” webcams are displayed. Everything that is viewed on the stage area is broadcasting live to all participants.
•  Layer: A layer is an independent area on the screen. In a layer, Watchitoo displays additional information (such as text, images, or Flash movies) or provides interaction with participants (such as online polls). Watchitoo displays layers on top of the stage and other layers.
•  Interactive Features Section: Participants can interact with chat and questions and the moderator can upload content, search YouTube Videos and activate white board.
•  Video Chatting Window: The video chatting window is the box (outside of the
stage area) that displays participant video feed and camera/mic status.
•  Administrator: Administrators access the administrative suite that enables extensive behind the scenes course management including creating courses, assigning professors, registering students, and class statistics.

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