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Instructions for Web Grading


Indiana Wesleyan University is pleased to offer the IWU family page to all faculty and employees.  From this page you can keep up-to-date on campus news and events, find HR and other information relevant to employees, as well as access all faculty related activities including attendance reporting, grading, rosters, and emailing students.

If at any time you need assistance, please contact the email addresses listed below:

·         for assistance in logging into the website or with your IWU email account, contact

·        for assistance with faculty issues concerning your class, attendance, or grades, contact

To access all faculty resources and activity, login to  

Click on "Employee Email" to access your IWU email account.  It is extremely important that you check this account on a regular basis.  For security reasons, you will need to login again.

Click on "Data Connect" on the left side of the portal page. To access attendance, grading, rosters, search for classes, as well as personal information such as stipends and pay advices. 

Select “Faculty” from the main menu for the following links:


SUBMITTING ATTENDANCE – Enter attendance after each class session and make sure that ALL attendance has been entered before submitting grades.


**Please note:  Officially withdrawn students will not show up on your attendance screen.  Check the roster carefully for students that may not be attending class, but have not officially withdrawn.

  1. Choose the link “Attendance – Adult and Graduate Students".
  2. Click on the desired course.
  3. Click on the attendance date.  Dates will not appear that are greater than today's date; dates will not appear for sessions for which attendance has been submitted.
  4. Indicate any student who was absent for that attendance date.  If a student is not marked as absent, the assumption is made that the student was present.
  5. Click on the submit button and verify.  A confirmation is given upon completion of entries.




 **Please note:  officially withdrawn students will not show up on your grade screen.  Also, please make sure that attendance has been submitted before entering grades.

  1. Choose the link “Enter Grades".
  2. Click on the desired course.
  3. Enter grades.  Things to remember while entering grades:

·         F grades – grades of F require a grade code (this is the only grade that requires a code).  You must choose either "Too Many Absences", "Failed to Achieve Passing" or “Failed to Complete Assignments” for any grade of F that is entered.  

·         Attendance takes precedence over academic performance when more than one grade code is applicable. If the student has exceeded the allowed absences and "Too Many Absences" is selected, you must enter the last date of attendance.  This is the only code that requires the last date attended.  If the student never attended, click on the “Never Attended” box.

·         Existing F grades – if you have indicated through your weekly attendance reporting that a student has violated the attendance policy, then a grade of F will have already been entered for the student.  Do not change the grade; instead, call Student Services if attendance is to be corrected.

·         W grades – a grade of W will not be accepted.  If a student has officially withdrawn, then the grade of W has been entered by the Office of Student Services, and you will not see the student's name.

·         Incompletes (I grades) can be entered on the web.  Please remember that grades of incomplete have to be approved by the Program Director and will not be processed by Student Services without that approval on file.  A student is not eligible for an incomplete if the attendance policy has been violated.


Grades are not posted to the students' records until the grades have been verified by Student Services.  All grades entered online will be checked to make sure attendance has been submitted.  You should expect at least one business day after grade submission before students will be able to see their grades.


Grade changes – If you need to make a grade change, you can request to do so up to 90 days after the ending date of the class.  Choose “Grade Change” on the menu, and follow the directions.  Your request will go to the appropriate program director for approval and you will be notified by email of the approval or denial.

  1. After verifying that the grades entered are accurate, hit the submit button.  You will receive a confirmation of grade submission.




 **Please note:  Officially withdrawn students will not show up on your roster.

  1. Choose the link "Class Rosters Select Section".
  2. Click on the desired course.
  3. Options on the roster:
    1. Email individual student – Click on the link for the student's email address.  This will take you to Outlook for the creation of the email.
    2. Email entire class – Select "Send Email to Entire Class."  This will allow you to email the entire class, add two additional recipients, enter a subject line, and the email text.
    3. View student profile – this will give additional information concerning the student.



  1. Choose the link “Adult and Graduate Students – Search for Classes."
  2. A date range must be entered, and the search can be as specific as desired including search by location, day, course, etc.  For example, if a facilitator was looking for ADM 316 taught in Cincinnati during the next year, the date parameters would be 01/01/11 – 12/31/11, the location would be CINC, the subject would be ADM, and the course number 316. 

Rev. 4/08/11 - rjm


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