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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

General Information and Procedures

Setup and Configuration

The entire ASI Controls folder should be copied from the existing machine to the C drive of the new machine. For some reason, the vendor recommends installation to the root drive rather than the default folder of C:\Program Files (x86). The executable file for the app is then run and overwrites most of this folder. However, by doing it this way, all the controller files specific to the building remain intact.

Prior to setting up a new system, we will need to purchase a license for that machine. The license is issued by computer volume serial number. To find this, go to a command prompt and type in vol and hit enter. Once license is obtained, a file named expert.dat will be issued. This file is placed inside the ASI Controls folder.

The device driver should then be installed. The device is called PL2303. It should be assigned to COM port 5 (this is how the current setup is configured).

Using the Software

When the program is started, you will need to navigate to the IWU project. Click Project / Open and navigate to C:\ASI Contrils\Indiana Wesleyan University. The file that needs to be opened is named Indiana Wesleyan University.mdb (Microsoft Access file).

Maximize the window and click on Options. Make sure the Port ID is set to COM5 <Prolific USB to Serial COM Port. Click OK. The product family to select is ASIC/2. In the box next to Enter ASIC/2 Address, enter 99. Click find it, then click OK. From the menu at the top, select Options, then User Mode. Click Find it, then OK. The user console should now be displayed and ready to use.


The most common error is for the program to display an error saying "Unable to initialize with COM5." Check the device manager to find out what port the device (Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port) is using. If it is not using COM5, you can try changing the port by right clicking on the device, selecting Properties, clicking on the Port Settings tab, and selecting Advanced. However, if it says that COM5 is already in use, you should not change it. I have fixed it by uninstalling the device (do not have to uninstall driver files) and then re-booting. It should reinstall the device and use COM5.

Technical Support

ASI Controls uses Wagner-Meinert in Ft. Wayne for their support. Here is the contact info:


Eric Rosswurm

Controls Field Engineer

Phone: 260-489-7555

Cell: 260-205-7119

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