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Calling Station Setup

Adjust the security settings in Internet Explorer to the following:

  • Navigate to Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options
    • Select the General Tab and click the Settings button in Temporary Internet Files
      • Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages:" select "Every visit to the page"
    • Select the Secuity tab, Internet Zone, and then click Custom level
      • Scroll to ActiveX controls and plugins the set the following to Enable
        • Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt
        • Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls
      • Scroll to Downloads and set the following to Enable
        • Automatic prompting for file downloads
        • File download

Place the icon attached on the desktop and in Startup on the Start Menu

Install Java 1.5.0_16

Set permissions on the Java folder in Program Files for Everyone to have Full Control

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