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Process Name: ST-XSBF03

Allows deletion of books, but first removes them from the courses the book is assigned to.



Type in what you want to search for and press enter or tab.  Results will show up immediately. If you choose to delete a book this will happen immediately after you confirm.  No need to click Save or Save All

1. Clears the search parameters and search results

2.  Click to delete the book

3. Click to go to a read-only view of BKDT(Book Details)

4. Click to see full title (UI may truncate)

5. Click to see list of courses, if X is in the box.

6. Click to see the full Companion ISBN (UI may truncate)


If you choose to delete a book from this screen, the pointer the X.COURSE.BOOKS.ID will be removed from XCRS.COURSE.BOOKS.  Then X.COURSE.BOOKS record will be deleted. And finally the X.BOOKS and BOOKS records will be deleted.

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