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Installation Notes


Installation and Security Notes for Image Onsite


Image Onsite is a product of Bank of America to view check images.  The software consists of an application/database server and client software.

Currently the Business Affairs office in Maxwell utilizes the software.  Business Affairs utilizes the software in distributed mode.  IPD\Helix utilized the software in local mode where the server and client software are installed on a local PC located in their file room.   *Currently, IPD/Helix is no longer utilizing the software.  The Business Affairs office is managing all images.

Server Installation

  • PRD-APP06 is the application and database server
  • Installation software upgrades all necessary prerequisites as well as primary application
  • Current 8.5 version installed in the E:\Image Onsite folder
  • Image files are stored on the PRD-APP06 E: drive in OnsiteImages for the Business Affairs office and in IPD-OnsiteImages for IPD.
  • Image disks are received monthly and each one has the current install software on it.  Liz Clark in Business Affairs and Jenny Haisley in IPD are responsible for performing the Volume Copy for their offices
  • Installation and administration documents are in the UserDoc folder
  • Installation will ask for a folder to place client installation software.  This should be E:\download which is shared as ImageOnsiteInstall

Client Installation

  • Considerations
  • Verify that user is a member of ImageOnsite_Users group in Active Directory
  • Verify that user has been added and has appropriate permissions inside of Image Onsite software. Liz Clark should be the one to handle this.
  • Execute NWinstall\setup.exe as administrator from \\prd-app06\ClientInstallation\Nwinstall
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