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MinuteTraq Agendas and Minutes is an application that aids in capturing, organizing, and archiving data from business meetings.  For Indiana Wesleyan University, this system is managed by Jeanette Wisehart.  This article contains instructions for acquiring and configuring the software.

Acquiring MinuteTraq

  1. The end user will contact Jeanette Wisehart to request access to MinuteTraq.
  2. If approved, Jeanette will create the user account and contact the software configuration management administrator in IT to have the software assigned to the new end user.
  3. The software configuration management administrator will make the software available to the end user in the Application Catalog.
  4. The end user will install MinuteTraq via the Application Catalog.

Configuring MinuteTraq

  1. Jeanette Wisehart will supply the User Login (typically firstname.lastname) and Password to the new end user.
  2. The Agency is:     IndianaWesleyan
  3. The Server is:
  4. The following default setting needs to be changed:
    • The Proxy Settings option needs to be changed from "System" to "None".
  5. The following default settings should remain the same:
    • The Auto-Connect on Start box should remain checked to save login information for the sake of convenience.
    • The Use Secure Connection box also needs to remain checked.
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