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DoceServe - Rerun existing job


After completing this how-to you will have re-started the doceServe process.


  1. Remote into prd-int02 and open up DoceServe Live from the Desktop.
  2. Click on job name on the right. Ex. AP Check
  3. Find and click on the appropriate file.
  4. If job has already been archived, then copy from w:\softdocs\doceserve archive\ap checks\2021 to \ap checks folder
  5. If there is a mdb file, this can be processed with the Completed Output button. This is the output file.
  6. If there is only a txt file, this must be processed with Completed Input button. This is the input file.
  7. Click Process job
  8. Click Yes
  9. At the bottom left corner, you can track the progress. 
    1. Pages Received 999  99%
    2. Printing job
    3. Printing AP Check: 999 of 999
    4.  Sending to Scan AP Check

**NOTE: Do not touch anything within Doceserve after processing the job until it shows completed (after sending to Scan AP Check).


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