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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Forms Don't Appear When Student are in etrieve


The user clicks on a form link (will start with and have a number at the end) and does not see the form.



  1. Check etrieve security by going to
  2. Click Users
  3. *Search for the user by Display Name (ex. could be Gunn, Jeff or Jeff Gunn or Jeffrey Gunn)
  4. Click on the username
  5. Verify that the ERP ID has a value of the Student ID (or Employee ID)
  6. Add/Verify that under Groups that "Students", "Employees", "Faculty" OR "Adjunct" is listed (or has been added) based on their position
  7. If the user does not exist, click on Add User and select the following:
  8. After clicking Add under Identifiers, select ERP ID and type in student ID (or employee ID)
  9. Under Groups, type Students and click Add.
  10. If user still cannot see the forms, clear the browser cache

*If you add a new users and receive an error message, the user already exists and you will need to go back to step 3 and search with different criteria (ex. nickname, formal name, etc.).


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