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LabTutor is a software suite distributed by AD Instruments that allows instructors to administer lab activities to students. Instructors may use courses and experiments already available or can create their own content. The administrative console and the course content are stored on a server located in the biology lab. Currently, the server is IWU65288 and is located in Burns 211. Students access course content through this server using the laptops in Burns 212.

LabTutor Teaching Suite consists of three programs: LabTutor Server, LabTutor Client, and LabAuthor.

Installation and Deployment

The suite may be downloaded at the following link:

LabTutor Client must be installed on all the student lab computers. A license code will not be needed for this. The installation will not place a shortcut on the desktop because the client software runs in the background to allow access to the server. Once the client software has been installed, students may access the server by typing the following URL into Internet Explorer:


It is advisable to make this URL the browser homepage and to also place it on the desktop as a shortcut.

LabAuthor is for use by the instructor and may be installed on the server or on the instructor’s computer.

Tech Support:

Li-Lan Fishel

Technical Support Specialist, Education

Phone: (719) 576-3970




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