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Install Regression Module


Here are the steps needed for adding the Regression Module to SPSS:

  • Install the SPSS Base application with a Network License
    • The Server address is
  • The Regression Module is automatically installed along with SPSS but is not activated unless the correct Authorization Code is entered.
  • Open a command prompt
  • Change to the SPSS directory in Program Files
cd \
cd program files\spss
  • Run the following command to register the Regression Module.
spssactivator <authorization code>

NOTE: If it says that no license could be generated, you will have to call SPSS (800-521-1337) and have them increase the license allowance

SPSS Knowledge Base Article #53942
Regression Module Authorization Code: 7B6A86E025B2D5E84CDF

NOTE: The SPSS Regression Module is a licensed product that must be purchased in addition to SPSS.

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