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Office 365 for Students

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Indiana Wesleyan University students are eligible to install the latest version of Microsoft Office via their Office 365 subscription.

Please Note: If you have previous versions or a trial version of MS Office on your system, please uninstall them and reboot before installing the free version so as not to cause a conflict.


  1. Login to your student e-mail account from the MyIWU portal.
  2. In the top left corner of your e-mail, click on the Office 365 tab. 

    Office 365.PNG

  3. On the next page, click on the Install link.

Office 365a.PNG

  1. Click on the Install button on the following page.  Office 365b.PNG

What's Next

You will then see two series of percentages.  The first set is downloading the installation files and preparing them to run.  Once that gets to 100%, then you will see a second percentage climbing as the actual installation progresses.  It is advisable to wait until the total installation has completed before opening any Office applications, even if Microsoft allows you to do so.

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