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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Digital Signage Locations

Locations in Marion

FourWinds is the digital signage platform used by IWU for visual notification, alerts, general and specific information. There are various locations on the Marion campus and at Regional Education Centers where FourWinds has been deployed.


= FourWinds equipped; S3 = Smitty's Simplistic Signage; USB = content delivered via flash drive; * = proprietary solution

Barnes Student Center

Type Name Location Owner/Contact Notes
S3 Mallway Bridge Adam Myers  
S3 InfoDesk   Susi Stephenson  
S3 Experience Indiana   Lauren Bussa  
S3 Financial Aid   Kim Snyder  
4W Hub Express By Baldwin Jonny Rupp Two units in this location
4W The Garage   Jonny Rupp  
S3 LCIL 290 (main entrance) Lauren Bussa  
4W LCIL 282 lobby Jonny Rupp  
S3 McConn Menu McConn Austin Protsman Menu and announcements for McConn
* IGO IGO  Shawn Yang  
4W Pioneer Menus Various in Baldwin Rob Scott Five total units
S3 Wildcat Works! Career Dev. Kiosk Lauren Bussa  
* Wildcat Pride   Todd Dalberg / Jennifer DeBoy  


Burns Hall of Science and Nursing

4W    Porter Auditorium lobby

4W    Skills Lab

USB  BHSN Hallway - contact Jenifer DeBoy


Elder Hall

USB - Lobby - contact Jenifer DeBoy


ITS Building

4W     ITS South- contact Paul DeLaVergne    

4W     ITS Infoboard  - contact Paul DeLaVergne

Jackson Library

USB    Library entrance - contact Pam Childers

4W     CTS Infoboard - contact Doug Drown


Maxwell Center

*        Admissions,  - interactive projector

*        Marketing - MAX Lobby contact Jennifer DeBoy

S3    DeVoe School of Business, hallway near vending...2 units - contact Angie Thompson

4W    IT dashboard (suite 220B)...2 units - contact Mike Jamieson

4W    IT Datacenter Infoboard - contact Mike Jamieson

S3    IT Dashboard (suite 220A) - contact Mike Jamieson


National & Global (AGS) Marion

S3    Main East Entrance - contact Lori Hutchins or Damon Seacott

Noggle Christian Ministries Center

4W     Southeast Lobby

USB   Bence Cafe

4W     North hallway Showcase

USB - Elevator Wall - contact Jenifer DeBoy

Ott Hall of Science and Nursing - Contact Tenley Horner, Jill Pederson, Lisa Timmons

4W    Atrium lobby contact Jill Pederson

4W    470 Reception area... contact Sarah Greentree

*        4th Floor Sarah Greentree

4W    570 Reception Rita Duchane

4W    5th Floor Rita Duchane


Phillippe Performing Arts Center

S3 Davey Chinn

S3 Davey Chinn

S3 Davey Chinn

Recreation Wellness Center

S3    RWC South - contact Adam Myers

S3    RWC Front Desk - contact Adam Myers

Residence Halls - contact Matt Thompson

S3    Beckett Hall...lobby

S3  Bowman Hall...lobby

S3   Carmin Hall...lobby - currently no TV or PC

S3    Evans Hall...lobby

S3    Hodson Hall...lobby

S3    Kem Hall...lobby

S3    North Lodge...lobby

S3    East Lodge...lobby

S3    South Lodge...lobby

S3    Martin Hall...lobby

S3    Reed Hall...lobby

S3    Scripture Hall...lobby

S3    South Hall ...lobby

S3    South Townhouses Community Center


Wesley Seminary at IWU

USB    Office 110

*   Gathering Space 100


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