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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

AfterShokz bluetooth headset

This guide provides an overview of the AfterShokz Trekz Air bluetooth headset.Air_grey.png

What is the AfterShokz Air headset? A wireless headphone with microphone, which can pair with a computer or mobile device using Bluetooth. It rests on your ears, transferring sound vibrations through your temples, leavings your ears unobstructed so you can hear the sounds of your environment.

How to pair the AfterShokz with your mobile device.

How to register your AfterShokz headset.

How does the AfterShokz Air headset work?

How does the AfterShokz Air headset help me work from home?

Can I rename my AfterShokz headset to differentiate it from others?

Bonus: What does the Multifunction button do?

More AfterShokz Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid Classroom Information 

Remember to keep the battery of your AfterShokz Air charged, so it will last for a full 6-8 hours of use. A Micro-USB charging cable is provided.