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PPAC 141 Recital Hall


Baker Recital Hall technology includes an audio and video projection system.

Please call x2209 with any questions regarding the technology or use of this room.

Room View


Rear Projection Screen     141room2.JPG     141room.JPG    

Video Sources


From the booth, a user-selected image or video can be projected onto the screen, from these sources:

  • Desktop PC
  • a laptop connected to a provided HDMI cable in the booth
  • a mobile device connected wirelessly to the WolfVision Cynap mirroring software (cable not provided)

Video Recording and Streaming

An installed Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera provides high definition video capture of people and events in the Recital Hall.

An installed X-Y stereo microphone is suspended from the ceiling, to pick up the natural sound of speech, music and the room acoustics.

An Extron video encoder is installed in the booth, to allow for video capture from the camera and audio from the room microphone to a USB flash drive or hard drive. The encoder is capable of providing a live video feed for streaming over the Internet (Zoom broadcast, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, etc.) Bi-directional online meetings are not currently available using this equipment.


Control of the camera and the recording equipment is provided by an Extron Touch Panel in the booth.

A supplemental control panel is located on the north stage wall, allowing for the following functions:

  • Projector on/off
  • Volume up/down
  • Camera control, preset selection
  • Source device selection
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