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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

PPAC 141 Recital Hall

Phillippe Performing Arts Center - Baker Recital Hall

Baker Recital Hall's AV technology includes an audio playback and video projection system. No sound reinforcement is available.


Rear Projection Screen 

A large projection screen, with rear-screen projector are at the front of the room.   


  • your mobile device may be able to wirelessly cast to the Baker-Recital-Hall mirroring device
  • there is NO wired (HDMI) connection available


A wall-mounted control panel is located on the north stage wall, allowing for the following functions:

  • Projector On/Off
  • Volume Down/Up
  • Source device selection
    • PC. A desktop PC is located in the booth equipment rack, but is only accessible to authorized employees
    • VIDEO. A mobile device may be able to connect wirelessly to the WolfVision Cynap mirroring software (exception: personal Mac and iOS devices may not connect wirelessly)
    • wired (HDMI) connection is not available on the stage
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