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Wesley Seminary
The technology features of the Wesley Seminary classrooms are outlined here.

Classroom Technology

The technology features of the Wesley Seminary classrooms are outlined below.

Short-Throw Interactive Projectors

The Active Learning Classroom (204) and the Seminar Room (208) have these projectors wall mounted above the whiteboard, so users can write with Dry Erase Markers and project their digital image on the whiteboard, without having a pull-down screen in the way. They are also interactive, much like a SmartBoard. Users write with the provided Epson stylus on the whiteboard.

Epson Easy Interactive Software is loaded onto the teaching station desktop PC in room 204. The same software package can be installed onto a user's laptop through the Application Catalog, or downloaded here.

Wireless Document Cameras

The AverVision W30 is located in the larger classrooms of the Seminary:

  • 102
  • 204
  • 207

It is stored in the side drawer of the teaching stations in second floor classrooms. It is located atop the cart in room 102.

Press and hold the power button on the document camera to turn it on or off. It will take several seconds to sync with the base station (receiver). The transmitter has an 8-hour battery life, so when it is not in use, it should be reconnected to its power supply.

HDMI Laptop Connection

Laptops or tablets which have an HDMI jack can connect to the provided HDMI cable at the teaching station. HDMI adapters, called Dongles, can be purchased from electronics stores, or by placing a Hardware/Software request from IT. The most common type of dongle you might need for IWU teaching stations or conference rooms is a DisplayPort-to-HDMI dongle, or a Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI dongle.

Wireless HDMI Adapters

These adapters will allow tablets with HDMI jacks and one USB jack to output their display wirelessly. Power is provided to this adapter by an included USB cable, which must be connected to either a laptop's USB port, or an AC power adapter.

Blu-Ray Players

These devices play back all optical disc formats; Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, MP3, JPG. The touch panel menu, after selecting "Blu-Ray Player" as your source, provides control of the functions normally requiring a wireless remote control.

Auxiliary Video and Audio

VHS players are not included in the configuration. However, an auxiliary jack is included in the front of the cart where a VCR or camcorder may be connected. These RCA connections are Red & White for stereo audio, and Yellow for composite video. Select the "Aux Video" source to display any device which you have connected to the RCA connection.

Immobile Teaching Stations

The teaching stations on the second floor rooms have no casters, and are not expected to be relocated from their current positions. A lectern with an engraved Wesley Seminary logo is the piece of mobile furniture in each room, and is a good location for an instructor's laptop, notes, books, the wireless keyboard, etc.

Dual Screen Projection from a Single Projector

Room 102 has the only instance of this function, where two sources can be viewed side by side. On the control panel, select Dual Screen Mode before selecting the sources. Otherwise, if you don't want two different images side by side, just choose Standard Projection Mode.

Short Throw Interactive Projectors

Room 204 and 208 have these Epson interactive projectors, which function the same way a traditional ceiling mounted projector does, but with the standard dry erase whiteboard functioning as the screen. A user can draw or write with dry erase pens on the whiteboard, but can additionally take advantage of interactive features by using the wireless pens, as either a marking device or a mouse. 

HD Touch Panel Control

With drag-and-drop functionality and visual feedback, the touch panel replaces our standard push-button controller. These are mounted to the top of the teaching stations, in the wall (208), or in the conference table (110A).

Wireless keyboard with trackpad

Since the teaching stations are immobile, users can control the built-in Windows 7 desktop PC by using the wireless keyboard, which has a built-in trackpad (for mousing functions). Take it anywhere in the classroom, but it is restricted to use with the installed desktop PC only. These keyboards require two AA batteries, accessible from the bottom of the keyboard. There is also an On/Off switch on the back edge of the keyboard.

Room 207 Video Capture

A wall-mounted camera and pair of microphones are installed in room 207, and an encoder called a Capture HD will create a video file when the Touch Panel receives a RECORD command.

Follow these instructions to record a video file to a flash memory (thumb) drive.

1. Connect your flash drive to the USB Extension Cord on top of cart 


3. Type: 1234

4. Follow instructions on screen

5. Press HOME to access the CAMERA Control

6. Use Microphones on top of cart to Record Audio

7. To stop the recording, go to SETTINGS, type 1234, and press Stop.

8. Wait until encode has completed before removing the flash drive from the extension cord

9. Press HOME to return to main menu

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